Western North Carolina

Storm Development Likely This Afternoon Around WNC

Models indicate that storm development is likely this afternoon in WNC.  These storms look to be slow moving and could drop over an inch of rainfall in insolated locations.  I do not expect them to go severe though, meaning hail is not likely.  Temperatures will max out in the low 80’s, and I am forecasting 82 degrees for the Asheville airport.


Storm development looks to initiate around 2pm-3pm, and these will persist through the evening.  Some locations may not see any rainfall from these isolated showers, but others could receive over 1”.  I do not expect extensive flooding from these storms, but pounding on the roadways cannot be ruled out.


Above you can see the the HRRR radar depiction around 5pm this evening.  Storms look more likely north of Asheville, compared  to south.  Heavier rain and train storms look likely in Madison and Northen Buncome Co.  Please report any flooding that you see to Ashevillewx.

10 Weatherlore People Use To Predict Winter Weather

10 Weatherlore People Use To Predict Winter Weather

We’ve all heard Old-Timers with their cliche notions, touting tales of nature’s signs, and how their foreshadowing indicates the degree of difficulty for the winter months that will follow.  These tall tales though are plated with a note of science that keeps the winter lover savoring each year for a new bite.  Of the many stories or “weatherlore” that exists though, which ones hold the most scientific significance?  Below I will detail out the top 10 weatherlore that people in the South rely on, and then give some perspective into the scientific reasoning of why that notion is believed by some to be a valid predictor of winter.