Are you in need of weather guidance for your upcoming event, or an on-site meteorologist to help prepare your event for severe weather, and keep you in the know when storms are approaching? In todays society, having an on-site, degreed meteorologist who can provide up to the minute radar interruption, as well as lightning detection software can save lives. AshevilleWX & Meteorologist Hunter Ward can provide that technology, and have the confidence to make those tough calls when severe weather is approaching. After being consulted for numerous events locally throughout WNC, I have decided to begin to offer my services on an as needed basis for local, and regional events. With a variety of options available including on-site guidance, let AshevilleWX keep your event safe from the weather. From insurance claims to general safety, having an on-site, degreed meteorologist with the proper lightning detection software can make a huge difference. Please contact for more information on scheduling AshevilleWX’s services.

Investigative Meteorology

Has a severe storm or flooding damaged your home and your Insurance Company needs proof that a storm happened on that date? AshevilleWX & Meteorologist Hunter Ward have the capabilities to provide detailed storm reports for any location in the United States. Whether you need radar imagery from a given point in time over the last year proving that a severe storm did in fact move over your location, or you need precipitation data showing how much rain fell at your location on a given date, AshevilleWX can provide that information. From simple radar images, to detailed reports include hail indicators and National Weather Service reports, AshevilleWX has the capabilities and the knowledge to produce that information. Just recently I produced radar images for a friend who lives near San Diego, CA. He had a storm blow through around 8:30am and a tree branch fell and did damage to his home. His home owners insurance wanted radar imagery proving that the storm did in fact move through that morning. Below are the images I was able to provide him to enhance his case. Please contact for more information on Obtaining AshevilleWX’s Investigative Meteorology Services.