Affair Of The Heart Downtown Waynesville, NC Live Camera

Live Stream Not For Broadcast.. Please email for broadcasting rights.

Located in Downtown Waynesville, NC Affairs of the Heart is fun, eclectic and surprising. When folks walk into the store, they will find everything from heartfelt cards to beautiful jewelry to bear poop. Yes, we said bear poop! Shelves are stocked with fun and meaningful items for everyone in the family and every occasion throughout the year. 

Shopping should be enjoyable. At Affairs of the Heart, we love watching customers peruse our aisles, laughing and smiling to themselves as they read words on a pair of socks or decide on the perfect flag for a porch. We are a store for every age and work to make our prices affordable. So, if you’re on the hunt for that perfect gift, come on by. We have what you need. Visit their website today!