Hurricane Florence Now A Category 4 Storm As It Continues On Track Towards East Coast

Florence Undergo's Rapid Intensification

We are currently seeing Florence undergo rapid intensification as it continues on to plot its course towards the East Coast.  NC & SC officials are urging residents along the coastlines to heed evacuation orders and prepare for the landfall of a Major Hurricane.  Shelves are beginning to become empty across portions of Eastern NC as residents prepare.  Models show an environment ahead that would allow for this strength to maintain itself for the next few days, so a Category 4 landfall is not out of the question.


Where Will Landfall Occur

Once again, there is still great uncertainty, but locations between Myrtle Beach, SC and Ocracoke, NC should be battening down the hatch.  That means boarding up windows, moving boats out of the water, and securing anything necessary.  We could see a 75-100 mile error regarding current track of Florence over the next few days, so please keep that in mind.  Below you can see the most recent track map.

Florence Microwave Imagery