Can Asheville Break The All Time Yearly Rainfall Record This Year?

Can we get to 75" of rain?

The short answer is yes, Asheville can!  

Unfortunately an unusually wet pattern has persistently been able to entrench itself over the Southeast, and that has constantly funneled tropical moisture into the area.  With little tropical development offshores, and ample warm water just off our coasts, a convergence region has developed in the south.  As fronts race across the US, they are met with the resistance of a moist, southerly flow.. and storm development occurs.  Dominate high pressure has consistently developed off the Southeast Atlantic Coast during 2018, and this is what has caused the excessive surge of moist air. 

During a typical Southeast Summer, this high pressure usually develops over land, keeping those below it hot and dry.  This year, this high pressure is constantly breaking down, and redeveloping over warm seas.  With its clockwise spin, the high pressure funnels up warm, moist air from the tropics into the Southeast.  Thus more storm development occurs.

Total Monthly Rainfall At The Asheville Airport For 2018

January: 4.04"

 February: 5.57"

March: 3.09"

April: 4.64"

May: 14.68" (Wettest Month Ever Recorded)

June: 2.57"

July: 6.47"

August: 10.41"

Total So Far Through Aug 30th: 51.47"

Average Yearly Rainfall At The Asheville Airport: 45.57"

Amount of Rainfall Need At The Asheville Airport To Break 2013 Record: 75.22"

Total Inches Of Rainfall Needed in 2018 To Reach 2013 Record: 23.75"

Follow here as we progress through 2018 and compare it the record breaking year of 2013!