Moist Pattern Continues Around WNC Through The End Of August

Southerly flow continues through next week, and storm development will be possible on a regular basis each afternoon.  This will push many areas of WNC over 7" of rainfall for the month of August, and should push the Asheville Airport over 48" of total rain for the year.  This is just over 100% of the average yearly rainfall.  I have to correct myself from earlier, the Asheville Airport averages 45.6" of rainfall each year, not 36" (Downtown Asheville averages 36").  Nonetheless, the Asheville Airport has received over 100% of the average yearly rainfall and we are only halfway through August!  That is astonishing!  You can track the progression of rainfall here in the blog as the airport inches closer toward 75" of rainfall, which would break the all-time record set back in 2013.  It will take some soggy afternoons, but 28 more inches of rainfall are certainly possible, so stay tuned, and see your umbrella handy!