WNC Preparing For High Impact Winter Storm This Weekend

As we continue to progress towards Saturday, Sunday, Monday. and even into Tuesday.. weather models will continue to refine details.. but what does appear certain is that a large amount of precipitation will slam into a nearly or completely frozen column of air above WNC late Saturday, causing problems across the area. Currently, both European and GFS models still indicate that over 1’ of snow is possible for many areas in WNC. Below you can see both the precipitation depiction & snowfall totals produced by the most recent runs of the European and GFS models.

GFS Precipitation Depiction Sunday AM courtesy of Tropicaltidbits.com

GFS Snowfall Accumulation Map *Only A Model Forecast* courtesy of weathermodels.com

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12z European Radar Depiction Sunday Morning courtesy of weather.us

12z European Projected Snowfall Map Only A Model Projection Not A Forecast courtesy of weather.us

Snowfall Total Still Vary Greatly

There is still a vast differential as to how much snow will actually fall.. and beginning tomorrow, we will begin to get a much better idea as the NAM 3km gets in range. The European and its Ensemble have constantly illustrated the likelihood of 12”+ in many locations. The GFS and its Ensemble have done the same. This tell me that we need to prepare for a large snowstorm.

Concerns Heading Forward

This snow will be beautiful and fall into a nearly frozen column.. which means it will stick to everything. The heavy wet paste that will fall is going to cause problems. It will stick to trees, power lines, and most everything else around the area. Winds will gust over 30mph in many locations during the storm, and some higher elevation locations could see gusts over 60 mph. This is an extreme concern of mine moving forward. If we have 12” of snow on trees, and winds gusting to 30mph, many people around the area are going to lose power. Therefore you need to prepare. There is no need to panic though, because you have time to prepare. Just prepare to hang out at your house Sunday, Monday, & Tuesday. Thats my best advice, and play in the snow! Check back later this evening for a video update, I will add it to the top!

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