1"+ Rainfall On Top Of Snowpack Could Cause Flash Flooding Around WNC This Weekend

Rainfall is expected to move in early tomorrow morning, and will persist through the day and into Saturday. Many locations will see over an inch of rainfall from this system, with some locations even seeing 3+ inches. This will be problematic due to the amount of snow that has yet to melt in many areas. This past snow was extremely heavy/wet, and temperatures have yet to rise high enough to produce a big melt in locations that got over a foot of snow. So as the rain falls, it will melt existing snow.. creating extreme runoff. This will fill streams and rivers quickly and could cause flash flooding in select locations. Ponding on roadways will also be troublesome because some roadways still have snow on them. The water will have limited areas to run off to, and therefore it will run down the roadways.

Be Cautious Traveling

Backroads that still have heavy snow packs accumulated on the sides could cause cars to hydroplane as snow melts and rain falls. Below you can see the most recent 3km Nam run, and it shows a widespread inch of rainfall falling for most locations. Many areas along the Blue Ridge Escarpment though receive must more precipitation. These same areas also had some of the highest snowfall totals. If locations like Lake Toxaway receive 3”-4” of rain on top of 12”+ of snow that still on the ground.. that is going to cause big problems. So I have my eye on this rainfall, and believe that those of you and the area who live near streams should be ready to move to higher ground if necessary.


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