Mt. Mitchell Receives 34" Of Snow From Winter Storm

NC Mountains Dig Out

Mt. Mitchell is known for its extreme snow totals during southeast winter storms, and this past storm was not different.  34” of snowfall was recorded at the peak of Mt. Mitchell, and totals over 2ft could be found in the town of Busick, which is situated near the base of Mt. Mitchell at around 3300’.

How Did It Happen

Enhanced upslope flow.  Heavy precipitation streamed in from the southeast for almost 24 hours in this particular region, and as that moisture approached this particular region of the Blue Ridge Escarpment, it condensed, and slammed into the area.  As the moisture moved up the slope of the Blue Ridge Escarpment the air compresses and becomes almost supersaturated.  Then as the flow reaches the top of the peaks along the Escarpment, it bursts into the valley below.  This is how Busick, NC received 24” of snow.  The flow was extended from the SE for some time, and that upslope orientation particularly was enhanced by the region just below Mt. Mitchell/Busick.


Mt Mitchell Effects

Our Friend Kevin Cox sent in a few photos of the effect from the storm at Mt. Mitchell State Park where 32” of snow was recorded.

Kevin Standing On A Snow Drift

Snow Blown Through Cracks In Door

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Snow Presumably Blow Through Rock Wall

Snow Presumably Blow Through Rock Wall

Snow Blown Into Lodge By High Winds

Snow Blown Into Lodge By High Winds

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