Florence Continues To Progress As NC Landfall Becomes More Likely

Hurricane Florence Moves Closer To NC Coast

Florence has gained everyone attention now, and rightfully so.  Models indicate that a strong Category 3 or Category 4 Hurricane could strike the NC Coast late next week.  There is some variability among models, and this solution could certainly change.. but those that live on the NC Coast should take heed of this information and make preparations.  

Models Make Landfall

Various models including the most recent (18z) HWRF make landfall with Florence somewhere on the Outerbanks of NC.  This would be devastating those areas.  Storm surge over 15ft, winds gusting over 125mph, and a stalling out storm that drops 15"+ of rainfall are a recipe for extreme devastation.  These locations have not experienced a storm of this magnitude in a long time, so we can only hope that this moves out to sea and not where models show it moving currently.

18z HMON Model Run

18z HMON Model Run

Could Florence Miss?

It most certainly could.  In fact, history says that it will.  No storm has ever formed this far north and made landfall in the US.  That being said, most models say it will become the first..  Gravitational pull, Coriolis, & Pressure Gradient Force though will have their say, and could very well never allow Florence to make landfall.  If Florence really ramps up, it will be difficult for gravity to not pull it farther north.  I say all this to indicate how complicated of a situation this is.  Many factors are going into forecasts, and there is still a great degree of uncertainty.  Please tell your friends and family to be on guard if they live at the coast and check back soon for another update!

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